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Courses Available

Professional certificate, Diploma and Advance Diploma in the following Courses:

  1. Economics
  2. Purchasing &Supply Management
  3. Logistics Management
  4. Business Management
  5. Marketing
  6. Transport Management
  7. Aviation Management
  8. Shipping/maritime Management
  9. Entrepreneurial Management (Full Practical Training)
  10. Cosmetology
  11. Management Accounting
  12. Public Diplomacy & Management.
  13. Affiliation/Partnership/Professional Institutes

1. Chartered Institute of Economist of Nigeria
2. Certified Institute of Purchasing & Supply Administrators of Nigeria
3. Institute of Marketing & Purchasing Consultants of Nigeria
4. Nigeria Institute of Training & Development
5. Chartered Institute of Management and Leadership (USA)
6. Chartered Institute of Management Consultant (Canada)
7. Oxford Institute of Africa Chartered Accountants
8. Cambridge Institute of World Chartered Accountants
9. England Institute of World Chartered Economists
10. London Institute of Africa Chartered Economists
11. Triple D Business Consultants
12. Poma International Business University
13. Poma International Group of Schools (UK)
14. Oxford University of Namibia


  1. Our professional certificate and Diploma recognized and accepted into 200 or 300 level of any of our affiliated University home & Abroad.
  2. Participate in NYSC scheme after the completion of their degree program me with our affiliated universities home and Abroad.
  3. Become a chartered member of the appropriate professional bodies.
  4. Work with the professional certificate and license.
  5. Further to your degree level in any of our affiliated universities home and abroad
  6. Passed your professional exams ones and get your license to practice home and abroad
  7. We make you become an entrepreneur, independent and give you full support that you need to establish on your own.
  8. We guide and counsel you on the appropriate profession to choose and follow.
  9. We check and read your star for you to enable you choose the right and appropriate career/profession.
  10. Good lecturers and educational facilities available.
  11. Professors from various universities and professional bodies.
  12. Affordable tuition fees.
  13. Full practical training, excursion and internship home & Abroad.

Admission Requirements

  1. Professional Certificate – SSCE, GCE, NECO, NABTEB, Awaiting Result etc.
  2. Professional Diploma – 5 0’Credit pass in NECO, SSCE, GCE, NABTEB etc.
  3. Professional Higher Diploma – Any recognized Professional Diploma from any recognized institution.

Application Form Fee
1.Certificate & Diploma – N5,000
2. Higher Diploma – N7,000
3. Direct membership – N20,000

Note: Direct Membership to Veterans/Professional available. Please contact the PIBA Registrar.









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